Men’s Journal: Can Alternative Packaging Be Punk Rock? Yes It Can.

Oct. 18, 2023

Rebels are disrupting the wine packaging game, with beneficial results.

By Matthew Kaner:

Sustainability has long been a topic of discussion in the wine industry: first in the vineyards, then in the wineries. The culture around sustainable and organic practices has infiltrated the lexicon, moving ethos-based consumerism to accept nothing less in most circumstances. While the use of synthetic chemicals in vineyards has been frowned upon for a long time, it’s only been a recent development that consumers have taken a hard and fast look at how wine has been packaged, from the bottle it fills, to the cork placed inside, and the material a label is made from. It all matters.

The Carbon Footprint of One glass of Wine (150ml) is equivalent to: 0.13kg CO2e or 0.7 km of driving or 0.07 m3 of CO2 Gas.

For all the hikers, walkers, surfers, skiers, climbers, outdoor concert-goers, boaters, beach-goers, tailgaters, and weekend warriors alike – consider the packaging your wine comes in and confidently choose progressive wine brands who are earth-conscious in their decisions.

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