Who do you contact for media/press inquiries? 



Does Revelshine have a vineyard?

We do not have an owned designated vineyard.
Instead, we import all of our natural wines from small family farmers across California. We’re proud to give these family winegrowers a stage to share their beautiful wines with our Revelshine community.

Where are Revelshine wines produced? 

Revelshine Wines are hand-produced in Geyserville, CA, located just off Highway 101 in Northern Sonoma County. 

Does Revelshine use sustainable farming practices in wine production?

Our goal is to produce wine from the healthiest and most balanced vines, which grow the most expressive wines.

Our decision-making process as farmers, as winemakers, and as outdoor stewards is always to choose the path that allows sites to speak as loudly and clearly as possible, to let the site tell its earthly story through our Revelshine moments. Each site is individually selected each year to help create an unreplicable experience because you can share no other moment the same way again. Your moment deserves this intent.

Our farming approach in selecting Revelshine vineyards is pretty straightforward. We source and choose fruit from families with top-notch organically farmed vineyards all over the state. We look for the highest quality fruit that can be produced at a world-class, sustainable level—working with real places and real families who farm with real intent: Family vineyards who plant responsibly with a sustainable compass and care about the earth and outdoors as much as you do.



How many servings are in one bottle of Revelshine?

Each 500ML bottle is 16.9 oz. of wine or a half liter. The standard pour of wine is 5 oz., which means that each bottle of Revelshine wine is at least three standard pours of wine.  

Can I create a custom order of wine?

Absolutely, we want you to select your favorite wines if you don’t wish to order one of our mixed quantity cases.  We want you to create any variation of varietals that you prefer, just select the quantities of wines in the 3,6,12, or 18 bottle options and create your order. 

Can I give an order of Revelshine Wines?

Of course, as long as the recipient is 21 years and the wine shipment can be received and signed for at the recipient shipping address. We will even include a gift note for your order if you provide the gift message at checkout.  Be sure to designate the shipping information at check out. 

How long does it take to process an order?

We work hard to make sure you get your wines as quickly as possible. We want to make sure your moments are celebrated and shared.  

Wine orders will typically take up to 2 business days to process. You’ll get an email confirmation when your order is received and another email when your order is shipped! 

Do you offer promotions?

Please join our mailing list to stay up to date on our latest offerings. You can sign up to receive emails on our website here (insert a hyperlink to the newsletter sign up form)

Can I purchase Revelshine at a retail location?

We only offer our wines through our website and ship directly to your door. We are working with a small group of distributors this year who will feature the Revelshine Wines in key, select locations.  We will update our community as our distribution partners grow. 

Do we have a wine membership?

Yes, and we encourage you to sign up to be a member of the Revelshine Collective.  The Collective is not a “wine club” because Revelshine is not a traditional wine brand.  Revelshine is an experience, and we have created a concierge service to our members that we feel is as adventurous as the moments you make. 

What benefits do I receive by joining the Revelshine Collective?

Membership in the Revelshine Collective affords several unique benefits, including free shipping for the lifetime of your membership, exclusive opportunities for limited edition wines when released, partner discounts, exclusive merch, and unique sweepstake opportunities like winning an all-expenses-paid trip to visit Revelshine’s winery for a private tasting with founder Jake Bilbro in addition to other upcoming experiences with Revelshine’s co-founder ambassadors.

What benefits do I receive by joining the Revelshine Collective?

Celebrate the pleasures of wine, adventure, and moments as a member of the Revelshine Collective.
  • Free shipping for all monthly wine fulfillments for the lifetime of your membership.
  • Ability to customize your monthly fulfillment.
  • Allocation opportunity to reserve and order newly released Revelshine wines. 
  • Preferred invites and pricing on Revelshine Experiences.
  • Discounts on Revelshine’s family of partner brands.
  • Access to dedicated Revelshine merchandise.
  • Exclusive members-only opportunities to share moments with our incredible family of co-founders. 

    How do I recycle Revelshine bottles?  Is the cap recyclable?

    Revelshine bottles and caps can be placed in a standard recycling bin to go into the recycling. The insert is biodegradable and does not need to be removed.

    Learn more about aluminum productions and recyclability here.

    Where can I learn more about the Revelshine team? 

    Click here to learn about our co-founder ambassador team. Click here to learn more about Jake Bilbro.

    Who are your 1% for the Planet donor recipients? 

    Revelshine is proud to partner with and contribute to Protect Our Winters and Changing Tides Foundation


    SHIPPING (UPS is our preferred courier partner)

    Our courier service will try three consecutive business days to deliver your package and obtain the signature of someone over 21. If they still miss you, they will hold your package at the nearest customer center for five business days, where you can pick it up. 
    If someone over 21 isn't at home during the day, we can always ship to the following locations:
    1.)   Your Work or Office Address
    2.)   Local Shipping Courier Store
    3.)   A Friend or Neighbor’s Address
    Since someone will be around to sign at these locations, the wines will be dropped off so you can pick them up whenever you are ready!
    If your order has already shipped…
    You can always reroute or reschedule your delivery at any time through UPS MyChoice
    You can also contact us at info@revelshinewines.com, and we can make this request for you! Unfortunately, we cannot control the time at which your shipment is delivered.
    If anything goes wrong and you cannot receive your wine, we’ll always make it right at no cost to you. We’ll either refund you for the missed wine or send you another complimentary box.

    How can I find out the status of my order?

    You can always check the status of your order in one of two places:
    1. Your online account (if you have a membership with us); or
    2. The status emails we send after you order.
    Typically, our orders take 1-2 business days to pack by hand. Then, we ship boxes via ground shipping from our warehouse in Healdsburg, California. Orders to West Coast addresses take 1-3 business days in transit, whereas orders to the East Coast take 5-7.
    We send the following status emails so you can keep track of your order:
    1. Order confirmation as soon as you place your order
    2. Order shipped with tracking information so you can follow along
    Of course, if you ever need any assistance finding an order, you can always email us at info@revelshinewines.com

    Can I ship my Revelshine wines to a PO Box? 

    Since federal law requires a signature for any alcohol delivery, we cannot ship to any PO Boxes.
    Someone must be present to sign for and accept the delivery when it arrives, and that is likely not possible when with a PO Box.
    To make it easier for signatures, we can ship to a work address, a friend or family member, or a shipping courier store near you.

    Is there a shipping charge?

    We often run promotions for shipping discounts.   Please follow us on social media or join the Revelshine Collective for timely updates on these additional shipping promotions. 

    All members of the Revelshine Collective will receive free ground shipping on all orders.  As shipping costs for wines have skyrocketed over the past year, we believe strongly that we would like to focus your money on the wine and let us take care of the shipping. 
    General ground shipping costs range from $20.00 - $ 100.00 depending on the order size.  We want to provide complimentary shipping for all mixed case packages for all orders. 

    Do you ship Internationally?

    We only ship in the United States currently.
    We are working on expanding internationally.  Once we can ship outside of the United States, we will share this information with our community. 
    Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

    We can certainly ship to Alaska and Hawaii.

    All deliveries within the continental United States are complimentary via ground shipping to our Collective members. Still, because UPS needs to put all orders to Alaska and Hawaii on a plane, they charge an extra $49. We do not make money from this fee! It is just to cover costs.

    By the way, it is $49 per box, so we recommend ordering the 18 bottle box. We can space out your frequency to whatever works best for you.

    Do you offer expedited shipping?

    We offer 3-day, two-day and next-day air shipping at an additional pass through cost, which means we share with you the shipping rates we receive from UPS.  We do not mark up expediting shipping.  

    Can you ship to every state? 

    We can ship wine to most states, but certain states prevent us from shipping alcohol altogether. 
    We can NOT ship to Alabama, Arkansas, Michigan, Mississippi, and Utah. 
    This is not our decision, and we're grateful for the opportunity to try and solve the problem. We wish we could ship Revelshine wines to these states, but the law prevents us from doing so right now.
    That said, we still want to serve you whenever possible. Here are a few options for how you can still get our wines...
    Ship to a neighboring state.
    If you have a friend or relative in a neighboring state, we can ship wines to them for you to pick up. Or, we can ship to a UPS/FedEx store in a neighboring state, depending on the courier we use for that state. 
    Ship while traveling.
    If you’re traveling out of state, email us at info@revelshinewines.com, and we’ll ship wine to meet you at your destination. 


    How do I contact Revelshine?

    We are here to help! Whether you need assistance updating your account, have a question about a recent shipment, or just want to chat about wine, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us by email at info@revelshinewines.com.