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2019 RED (3 PACK)

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Vibrant and indulgent.

- 3 Bottle Case -

This red is dense, layered, and rustic—but without mouth-puckering tannins or cloying sweetness. You’ll taste dark fruit like blueberries, raspberries, and cherries. With a clean finish made for easy sipping, this red pairs beautifully with cool nights, tinfoil dinners, and card games. In the words of our founder: “This red feels like a bear hug.”

  • 500ml or 16.9oz (approximately three 5oz servings) x 3
  • Leakproof, resealable lid 
  • Quick chill aluminum
  • Lightweight for easy carrying
  • Slender and durable bottles, designed to fit into any mesh pocket on your backpack, cupholder, etc.

AROMAS: Brambly Red & Blue Fruit, Violet, Dried Herbs

FLAVORS: Blackberry, Cherry, Strawberry

MOUTH FEEL: Polished, Medium Bodied, Lingering Acidity

PAIRINGS: Towering Redwoods, A Snowy Trek, Views of the Milky Way or a Fireside Jam Session