Who We Are

Who We Are

At the Root of REVELSHINE is World Class Wine

Revelshine is premium wine imagined in a whole new way. We don’t think that you have to compromise the quality of your  wine for your off-the-beaten-path adventure.  As we are also wanderers at heart and in practice, we wanted to be able to take premium wine that we love and create a tasting room at the top of a mountain, the deck of a boat or at the end of a trail. And with that, Revelshine was born. 

Our roots begin with our world class wine from the heritage estate of Limerick Lane Winery. Limerick Lane is a 30-acre estate located in the north east corner of Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley that was born in 1910. In an appellation that’s renowned for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, Limerick Lane grows and produces world class Zinfandel and Rhone varietals. They sit at an exact point where soil, water levels, rocks, sunshine, wind and fog meet. On top of, underneath, and in the midst of these earthly factors sit grapevines perfectly evolved in their composition, to thrive in this exact environment. Without any one of these individual factors, these wines wouldn’t exist. 

Stylistically, the wines produced at Limerick Lane are incredibly unique. They are rich, powerful, full-bodied wines that are simultaneously strikingly fresh, bright, and nimble. These wines are unabashedly expressive – a very hard combination to envision and impossible to fake. Their winemaking approach closely mirrors their farming. In many respects, it is difficult to determine where one stops and the other starts. Both disciplines complement each other and in essence are geared towards accomplishing the same goal. Let the vines, the dirt, the rocks, the fog, the wind speak. Intervene with as invisible a hand as possible and trust in the mystery of this extraordinary place and process. 

We are rising to the challenge to showcase award-winning wine in an all new bottle that means you can take this to your next remote getaway, like one of these 8 Surprisingly Uncrowded Beach Vacation Spots in North America or one of the 13 Best U.S. Road Trips named by Travel + Leisure. 

Just remember to drink responsibly, pack out what you bring in and let’s preserve the great outdoors for the next adventurer coming behind you. 

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