Outdoor Intrinsics - Shopping For the Basics

Outdoor Intrinsics - Shopping For the Basics

When it comes to packing for an outdoor adventure or excursion, most people begin by starting to create their packing list.  Underneath your bottles of Revelshine wines and your tumblers, there are the most obvious comforts required to ensure that the experience even while roughing it are still abridged so one is not sleeping on stones, and eating with their hands. The second priority on the list most likely will be some form of emergency or first aid kit. Having spent many days/nights in the outdoors, no one should be above making sure they are equipped with the necessary items in case of an unexpected setback or injury.  Even on the simplest adventures, things can go wrong. 

But outside of these two obvious areas – what are the intrinsic items one must always include when preparing for your outdoor trek? Can you not be without a sleeping pad? GearJunkie has named the top ones of 2020 including the best sleeping pads for your car or the ground.  

It doesn’t matter where your adventure takes you, you’ll always want to pack these ten intrinsic items:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Compass or Navigational Tools
  • First Aid Kit (Some of the best reviews for first aid kits, depending on your activity, can be found here.)
  • Headlamp (or one of our favorite solar inflatable lights, which are perfect for small packs)
  • Sun Protection (like one of these zero waste sunscreens)
  • Knife 
  • Fire Starting Kit
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Extra Layer of Clothing 

Remember to prepare for your next trip with thoughtful packing so you can head out and have a great trip. Don’t forget your camera so you can tag your very own #RevelshineMoment.

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